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Why do I, Keto?

Thanks for joining me!
I decided to put together a blog so I can easily share my favorite keto/low carb recipes with you. My weight loss journey has only just begun, sort of.
A little about me; I am married to my husband Derek, and we have one daughter, Amelia. She will be 7 months old on the 26th of July. A friend of mine introduced me to the ketogenic diet early 2017. I had already started dieting because I wanted to lose weight and get pregnant. I have diagnosed PCOS, and was upwards of 360 lbs in 2016.
There was no way I could carry a baby at that size even if I was able to get pregnant, which I wasn’t, due to anovulatory cycles.
My dieting started with a fit bit, and logging my food with My Fitness Pal, and I was counting calories. I lost about 30 lbs but it was slow. I had seen faster and better results from my friend, Chris, and decided keto was better for me. I began in January 2017.
Not only do I have a family history of diabetes/insulin resistance, but I wanted to lose weight so that my doctor would feel comfortable prescribing medicine to help with fertility. Fast forward to my first doctor appointment of my pregnancy in April 2017, I was 297 lbs. I didn’t stay with keto during the pregnancy but I only gained about 20 lbs. It was after the pregnancy that I gained, because right after I had Amelia, I was already losing. Poor eating habits! Lol
My husband and I decided that we would both start/restart the ketogenic diet together on Feb 14, 2018. With my post-pregnancy weight, I was about 315 that day and am currently 278 lbs.
Some people would ask me why I feel comfortable sharing my weight when it’s still so high, but I’m not really ashamed. I’m pretty proud that I’m no longer almost 400 lbs, and no longer even 300 lbs. Going keto is a lifestyle change, and there are hiccups along the way. I’ve fallen off the wagon plenty of times, but it helps having a supportive spouse doing it with you. I couldn’t be happier about that.
I’m losing weight for myself, and my growing family, but most of all just me. I am happy to share with you the foods I’ve been successful in making keto. Please share this blog if you enjoy the recipes. Thanks again!

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