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Quest Pizza Review

Quest Pizza Review

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 Today's blog is my review of the Quest brand 4- Cheese frozen Pizza.

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Quest Thin Crust 4- Cheese Frozen Pizza

I picked up the four cheese Quest frozen pizza today from Target. As you can see in the photos, it looks like a personal sized frozen pizza, nothing out of the ordinary. One of the first things I examine when I find something like this is the nutrition facts. For half the pizza it's 24 carbs, and 18 fiber, so that's 6 usable (net) carbs. That isn't bad considering all of the "cauliflower" crusts coming out are around 40! The ingredients really aren't that bad either. It's mainly cheese and corn fiber which has proven not to raise blood sugar by much at all.

So, I baked this on a pizza pan, in a 400 degree oven. The directions said to bake for 19-22 minutes but at the 19 minute mark, mine was nearly burnt. Keep that in mind if you pick it up.

quest pizza review target

So in my haste I forgot to take a picture of the finished product, but it looked just like any other frozen pizza I've made. So, I was thinking okay, not bad so far. Then, I took a bite. Wow.

This. pizza. is. disgusting. Sorry, no. In my opinion it tastes like a cross between cardboard, and paper, leaning more on the paper side. It was just the cheese flavor, but no amount of toppings could mask the problem, which lies in the crust. I wanted to love it because my favorite cookies are made by Quest. The Quest Chocolate Chip Cookies are fantastic! The pizzas are not.

So, I do have to give some credit for the pizzas being lower in carbs than other frozen pizzas out there, including cauliflower. They will fit into the macros of pretty much anyone. You could probably spruce them up by adding more seasonings and some extra toppings. Perhaps if you bake it on the rack, it will taste a little better. I don't know...

So my final review is 2.5 ⭐ out of 5.
2 stars for ingredients, and half a star for taste. 

Have you had the Quest pizzas? Leave a comment below telling me if you had them, and if you LIKED them!


  1. Yeah, I've tried a few "pre-made" keto foods, and none of them ever really live up to expectation. It's far better to make your own stuff.

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  3. Whoa, really? I tried the supreme a couple nights ago and loved it, enjoyed the leftovers cold the next day, too. I am on keto, and always make my own pizza with fathead, but this seemed like a great (if expensive) alternative. Granted, if you are not watching carbs, get something else. But I'll take this over several other prepackaged frozen keto pizza products I've tried.

  4. For a Keto pizza it tasted much better than expected. I like it.